Samuel Weisberg Prosthetics

Quality Carbon Fiber
Ultra-light Designs

Samuel Weisberg Prosthetics and Orthotics is a manufacturer and provider of custom orthotic devices. For sports-related knee or ankle problems that require stabilization and control of weak ligaments, we offer custom and off-the-shelf carbon fiber ultra-light designs.

Our Practitioners

Our practitioners have a wide range of experiences in designing custom orthotic devices to support or correct musculoskeletal functions. These functions may need correction and/or support due to a range of reasons, including temporary or permanent conditions, sports injuries, trauma, or congenital disabilities.

Samuel Weisberg Prosthetics
Samuel Weisberg Prosthetics

The Devices

Each device is custom designed by one of our practitioners and our hard-working lab to create a device that accommodates the patient’s medical and personal needs simultaneously. We also provide patients with prefabricated orthotics, depending on each individual patient's need.

Our Expertise

Samuel Weisberg Prosthetics and Orthotics technicians fabricate each custom orthotic device in-house. By combining their experiences with the latest advances in the field, our technicians are constantly working on innovative designs that are both functional and low profile.

They have mastered the necessary techniques to craft orthotics of optimal fit and function in a timely manner without compromising their attention to detail. Utilizing the latest technologically advanced materials, we offer our patients orthotic solutions that are lightweight, durable, and as cosmetically appealing as possible.

Samuel Weisberg Prosthetics and Orthotics prides itself on the quality and efficiency of our operations and ensure that your devices are ready when you need them. Connect with us today for more information.

Samuel Weisberg Prosthetics